Healthcare at your fingertips

  • Use the latest mobile technology to provide cost effective, innovative, managed and end-to-end healthcare
  • Covers prevention, diagnosis and prescription, treatment and monitoring of patients
  • Get tailored solutions to suit your specific healthcare requirements


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What is m-Health?          

We’ve identified the health vertical as a focus area for growth and product differentiation. Our mobile Health solutions make use of GSM technology and services to provide health, social care and wellness services.

Using the Platform solutions will allow quick entry into the market with a proven and established product offering sold and billed by Vodacom.

The Platform is a centralised m-Health service environment that enables cross platform health and social care service deployment by 3rd party service providers. The objective of the platform is to enable health and social care service providers to deploy content and location specific health and wellness solutions down to a mobile phone level.


Customisable m-Health solutions

We will launch with four current customisable solutions which will be expanded under the same service agreement and business principles framework:

  • Vodacom Workforce Management
  • Vodacom Assessment
  • Vodacom Stock Management
  • Vodacom Customer Management


Why should I get m-Health?

  • Accessibility to services
  • Quality of services
  • Cost effective of providing health care programmes and interventions


The combined value propositions of the four solutions are:

  • Assure quality of decentralised (primary, community and home-based) health care services
  • Allow delivery of public health services in a standardised and replicable manner
  • Provide a transparent means to audit fund allocations and health programmes
  • Discourage corruption and fraud on all levels of implementation
  • Automated mobile workforce management (monitoring and evaluation)
  • Automate the monitoring and evaluation activities required by government/sponsors
  • Increase data accuracy, integrity and security
  • Possibility of automatically linking the remuneration to performance of the mobile workforce
  • Real-time and intelligent data reporting, decision support and notification services
  • Multi-point access to data and bi-directional flow of information
  • Accommodate unlimited third party application/content layers and contribute to the establishment of interoperable reporting and information interchange between the respective solution providers
  • Assure patient information confidentiality with a unique bar code as identifier



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