High-speed, high bandwidth, always-on connectivity

  • In remote areas with limited or no connectivity, we implement satellite services to help our customers get ready
  • 8 satellite hubs across Africa which allow for wide access to environments that are hard to reach

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What is Satellite?

Remote satellites are used to provide high-speed, always-on connectivity. It avoids the limitations that you would typically experience with fixed-line Internet access and can be an ideal alternative VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution for businesses in remote areas where landline access is not possible. It reaches virtually all areas – metropolitan to rural – and provides continuous high speeds because it doesn't depend on fixed lines.

Satellite Product Lines

Overlay servicesContinuity services
To effect a specific service plan like Internet at multiple locationsAs a back-up Internet solution for primary fibre access

On-demand streaming for real-time applications such as VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol), video conferencing and business TV

Use when a seamless changeover from the primary to the back-up. Internet source is required



Why should I get Satellite?

Customise Internet speed to your needs

You get to choose speeds as per your business needs; all you need is the right hardware. For example, a 1.2m antenna with a 2-watt radio radius will give you a connection speed of up to 4Mbps to the satellite router, and 720Kbps from the satellite router.


Affordable access for all

We deploy the latest in satellite technology that provides bandwidth-efficient service plans, making it affordable for large and small businesses alike. You can use the bandwidth better and prioritise traffic to applications that are most important to you, eg: voice or multimedia.

Always-on connectivity

The Satellite network is completely IP-based with built-in redundancy and failover technologies that seamlessly kick in if one element becomes unavailable, thus guaranteeing connectivity.

Get service no matter where you are

You get the same quality of service no matter where your sites are located, unlike some other access mediums which rely on line of sight or are best-effort solutions.

Hassle-free and quick deployment

You don't have to wait for lines to be installed, for clearances or for local infrastructure to become available. All you need is the right hardware and a clear view to the North/Eastern sky.


Secure and private access via managed VPN

Our managed VPN options give you total control of the access criteria and provide more security and seamless connectivity with third parties. You can connect different business sites to each other, in a secure and managed VPN.

Guaranteed quality of service

Our exacting SLAs (service level agreements) guarantee that your satellite connection will deliver the connectivity, reliability and speed that you require.


Best-suited as an alternative to VPN

This solution is most suitable for businesses experiencing security limitations with landline-based communications. It’s also ideal for businesses that need broadband back-up access during possible landline failures.

Transmit simultaneously to multiple locations

This is the ideal service to provide data multicast and business TV because Satellite is perfect for transmitting data to multiple locations simultaneously.


Satellite Product Lines

Our lines include:


Overlay services

Use when you need:


Continuity services

Use when you need:



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