Public Sector

Public Sector

Enterprises in the public domain experience unique challenges which need specialised solutions for service delivery. Our solutions help to keep this sector operationally agile. From disaster recovery to robust IT security services, we provide innovative solutions to help you serve your customers efficiently. 

Mobilising and enabling e-government solutions

We provide connectivity to customers in the public sector using an array of access mediums including virtual private networks, fibre, satellite, and microwave; ensuring connectivity across geographies. We offer a range of m-government solutions which promote access to government services and information and enhance service delivery.

What we offer the public sector

From no infrastructure to expanding your business, we have the connection for you. Choose Ultra-fast Fibre speeds for connectivity or Satellite and Microwave connections available throughout the continent.

Our services let healthcare providers broaden access and improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare through the innovative use of managed services. Healthcare providers can implement their own employee- and patient-management solutions at clinics or even at a patient’s home, whether in urban or rural areas.

Take a cloud-based approach to solving education challenges. It’s a platform that integrates various sources, formats and teaching methods to provide the most appropriate education solutions to the right areas.

Case Studies

DHL is a Ready Business
Kalahari Wild is a Ready Business
SA Ministry of Health and local NGOs


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