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Interested in Security Solutions?

What is Vodacom Security Solutions?


Vodacom Security Solutions have all the key components to promote your business IT Infrastructure to be safe and secure, preventing unauthorised access and managing threats. Vodacom provides end-to-end security solutions leveraging skilled resources and cutting edge technology to secure IT systems and networks. 


Vodacom Security Solutions product offerings



 Perimeter Security - Firewalls

Leading solutions to protect networks  from Network Risk, Intrusion and Denial of Service  attacks.



   Email Security

  Protect your network from the most common source of security breaches.



Secure Remote Access

Safely connect to your private corporate network when away from the office.



Enterprise Mobility

Secure your corporate data on any mobile device.



Professional Services

A consultative approach in reviewing your security posture.


How much does Secure Remote Access cost?


The cost of these services depend on your business requirements.

Find out how much Secure Remote Access will cost for your business.


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